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Production and Operations

Hloba has an experienced and professional workforce who ensure the highest quality standards in all aspects of production . We have a strict quality control process which ensures quality is consistent and reliable. Stringent fabric and garment tests are carried out in-house and by independant laboratories. A wide range of machine technologies ensures versatility and enables us to produce garments to satisfy all our customer's needs.

Pattern Making

Hloba utilises the very latest Lectra system. We have an experienced team of pattern makers who ensure optimum fit of garments.

Warehouse and Distribution

Our extensive warehouse distribution centre (16 000 m2) affords us adequate storage space for raw materials and finished goods, ensuring timeous deliveries on a national basis, either individually packed or in bulk. Our national footprint covers all areas of South Africa. We utilize the services of an on-site Freight Company for deliveries, as well as our own fleet of vehicles.

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