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Branded Corporate and Promotional Clothing

Services Offered

Hloba Clothing provides a full range of textile related services to our valued clients.

  • Corporate image and branding tailored to individual clients needs
  • An In-house professional design and research team
  • A vertical uniform solution: from design, sourcing, manufacture, branding, to warehousing and distribution
  • Our consistent track record in being able to offer unparalleled before and after sales service
  • A dedicated account management service that facilitates the management of stock and simplifies the process to ensures supplies always are available
  • A state of the art secure on-line reporting system that provides clients with weekly / monthly sales history, stock reports and production updates
  • Our unique set of skills and technical know-how acquired over the years (Over 100 years of accumulated corporate clothing experience) make us the ideal choice for those needing promotional or corporate clothing
  • We continue to offer competitive market related prices
  • Partnering with Hloba Clothing makes the whole process so much easier to manage and allows you to concentrate on what's more important, which is to successfully market your core business
  • As a valued Hloba partner you get all the value added benefits one should expect
    • A combination of realistic pricing
    • Innovative exclusive garment designs
    • Unparalleled service excellence
  • Hloba then acts as an integral partner of your business, ensuring that your brand is represented in the most professional way.

"Let us Manage your uniform portfolio"

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